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Grants Awarded

Site Preservation Grants

FarView Flying Tow Site Improvement,
Stowe OH

This $4000 grant provides funding for a better facility at a local airport in Stowe, Ohio where hang gliding activities have been conducted for 15 years. Before this project, there was no infrastructure enabling the Ohio Flyer’s Club to permanently store their aerotow tug in a ready-to fly configuration. Space will be provided where tow equipment and gear is well stored for ease of use and helps strengthen the Ohio Flyer's Club flight operations. The grant enables the Club to have an enduring presence to ensure operations for years to come. Total cost of the project is projected to be $27,000 including donated labor and equipment.

Safety and Education Grants:

Tenn. Tree Toppers Team Challenge 2010 (Awarded 9/25/2009, Funded in 2/18/2010)

TTT wanted to bring their Challenge program to other clubs and to pilots who may have difficulty financing a trip to Tennessee for this week of learning thru friendly competition.

This grant was to help sponser 5 pilots to the competition in 2010. The award amount was $700.

The Big Springs Video Shoot Funding (Awarded 08/07/2009)

This grant supported the creation of a National TV Sement aired 10-18-09 on ABC News. It was for $142. The segment included interviews with Jeff Obrien, Russ Brown, Derrick Turner, David Glover, Davis Straub talking and promoting Hang Gliding. It focus was about flying in the Flats of TX for the cross crountry spectacular. The TV Segment can be viewed at: abcnews.go.com/video/playerindex?id=8855817

John Wayne Airport Display, Orange County CA

This grant for $500 contributed to the creation of an airport exhibit at the John Wayne, Orange County CA, airport, starting March 17, 2009. The exhibit included 4 gliders illustrating the four-decade genealogy of hang glider design, plus dozens of display cases with large color posters. It was additionally supported by the Crestline Soaring Society of San Bernardino, CA and Windsports (Joe Greblo) and Rob McKenszie (High Adventure). The total cost of the project was estimated to be $2000. See: http://www.ocair.com/newsandfacts/newsreleases/2009/NR-2009-03-25.html

2009 Scooter Tow Clinic Funding
This grant for $1500 enabled a 2009 Scooter Tow Clinic to be held at Wallaby Ranch in Florida in April 2009, run by Steve Wendt and co-sponsored by Will Wing. The total cost of the clinic was $3000.


Competition Grants

A matching grant of $3000 to the US Paragliding Team for the 2009 Comp, entry fees alone for the competition held in Valle De Brava, Mexico.

A matching grant of $2160.32 to the US Hang Gliding World Team for the 2009 Comp, entry fees alone for the Competion held in Laragne/Chabre, France


Other Grants

2009 InterMountain Paragliding League Funding

A grant of $392 to the InterMountain Paragliding League was granted to seed the start of this important new flying group and should help interest a growing group of pilots. Jugdeep Aggarwal is the lead POC for the League in Santa Cruz CA. It is anticipated that once this league has been setup for this year and enough people will be trained in all aspects of the league for it to become self funding and will not require further support.

The Web Site is: http://www.leaguemeet.com


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