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early hang gliding .


Grants Awarded

Site Preservation Grants

Matching grant of $4500 to Elsinore.

Standby commitment of $2,000 by an initiative of the Trustees to support extraordinary expenses that may be incurred by the USHPA in their response to the Draft 2006 National Park Service Management Policy (unused as of the close of the response, February 18, 2006).

Matching grant of $17,500 for the purchase of the Sand Turn LZ in Wyoming (not yet funded).

Matching grant of $10,000 for purchase and easement of the West Rutland Launch in Vermont.

Legal assistance grant to the Tennessee Tree Toppers totaling $3,015 for the establishment of a land trust agreement to protect forever the Henson’s Gap site in Tennessee.

Safety and Education Grants

Matching grant of $2,000, in association with the USHPA, for the Hang Gliding Scooter Tow Instructors Clinic in February, 2006, in Groveland, Florida.

Matching grant of $816 to Nick Davila for a Hang Gliding DVD.

Spring / Summer: 2005

The Foundation continues to consolidate its operating structure. We now have four main funds:

• General Fund
• Site Preservation Fund
• Education & Safety Fund
• Competition Fund

The Competition Fund has three targeted areas:

• Hang Gliding Competition Fund
• Women's HG Competition Fund
• Paragliding Competition Fund

It is the intent of the Foundation to provide generic funding in these areas to "worthwhile" initiatives that are reviewed and accepted by the Foundation Trustees.

In Feb 2005 three operation committees were formed:

• Grant Processing
• Marketing & Development
• Operations.

Participants on each of these committees will focus on these critical areas for the Foundation. The chairs of the three subcommittees are:

- Grant Processing: Douglas Sharpe
- Marketing: Jonathan Kelly
- Development: Lisa Tate
- Operations: Russ Locke.
- Within Operations is a Bylaws Subcommittee headed by Bill Bolosky.



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