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T.R. Johnson and Jesse Fulkersin Memorial Hyner View Preservation Fund

In 2016, the Foundation for Free Flight created a special fund to be used for the preservation of free flight at Hyner View State in the Appalachian area of Pennsylvania. The fund will exclusively be used for site preservation projects on and around Hyner View and in particular will be focused on the site's LZ protection.

Because the Hyner View LZ rescue project is likely to be expensive but fairly short term, the Foundation established a special set of rules for its fund that are intended to have its monies quickly disbursed in grants, rather than balancing current needs with endowment building as we do for our other funds. The Foundation views this as a continuation of the FFF’s efforts to establish targeted funds for particular high value, high contribution projects in the future.

The special rules that the Foundation adopted to govern the Hyner View Protection Fund are:

Special Fund Rules:
1. The Fund is for site preservation projects within 10 miles of Hyner View State Park, in the state of Pennsylvania.
2. Contribution rules require $1 contribution to the endowment of the Foundation General Fund or Site Preservation Fund for every $9 contributed to the Hyner View PA Fund; a 9:1 ratio. When contributions are made to the Hyner View Fund, the 9:1 rule is applied automatically.
3. Distributions from the Hyner View Fund will require the grantee to follow the Foundation’s grant application process.
4. Grant requests from the Hyner View Fund will not be subject to the Foundation's matching funds rule.
5. The Hyner View Fund will sunset on July 1, 2026 and all remaining funds will revert to the Foundation's General Fund which can be used for any Foundation purposes.
NOTE: If contributors give $100 through the link or via check, we’ll put $90 in Hyner View and $10 in the general fund. You don’t need to make two separate contributions. If you want the $10 to go to the site fund, then please specify that explicitly along with your donation.

Direct Online Contributions:
Go to the donate page. Scroll to the Make a Donation to the Foundation For Free Flight. Click on the Dropdown box under Which Fund are you donating to? Choose the last choice: T.R. Johnson and Jesse Fulkersin Memorial Hyner View Preservation Fund. Then make your payment either by Paypal or by Credit card.

Click to make an online donation.

Direct Contributions by Mail:
Send your donation check directly to the FFF, specifying T.R. Johnson and Jesse Fulkersin Memorial Hyner View Preservation Fund. We will record your donation for Hyner in our bookkeeping, and will acknowledge your donation in a written letter to you. Contributions to the fund can now be made directly by mailing your contribution to the Foundation's mailing address:

Foundation For Free Flight
P.O. Box 1290
Windsor CA 95492

Attn: Donnita Hall, Executive Director

Contribution intentions or requests about this fund may also be emailed to: donnitae@gmail.com.

Indicate on your check or letter the fund(s) that you want your contribution allocated to the T.R. Johnson and Jesse Fulkersin Memorial Hyner View Preservation Fund. Also, if you want your contribution to be anonymous, please indicate "anonymous" on your check or in the letter.



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