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The FFF Instructor Support Program

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As a result of the new RRG Insurance program adopted by USHPA this year USHPA, PASA, and FFF have seen an adverse effect developing in free flight sport. Small, quality schools for free flight instruction typically run by one instructor schools are being impacted by the RRG implementation that threatens their capacity and drive to remain free flight instructors and keep their schools open.

As a supporter and partner in the RRG insurance movement, the FFF is interested in developing a instructor support program to assist helping struggling solo hang gliding and paragliding instructors. It's goal is to maintain a small instructor friendly environment and encourage solo instructors and small schools to participate in the USHPA’s RRG insurance program in 2017 despite its operational procedures and costs that are now being put on them.

“Some of our best instructors appear to be literally being driven out of the business they love. Are we going to let this happen before it is too late and our sport is forever changed?”

Doug Sharpe, FFF President


1. The program would pay out $500 to qualified USHPA instructors starting as soon as possible after February or March 2017.

2. Small USHPA schools or solo instructors must be certified by PASA and have been accepted and have paid for the USHPA RRG insurance certification program to qualify for FFF grants.

3. Grants will be awarded from the FFF Safety and Ed Fund, which is one of the CORE funds in the FFF.

4. The FFF will payout a maximum of $33,000 toward this program in 2017. Actual payout totals will be based on numbers of applicants and financial need.

5. Instructors will be asked submit new FFF grant request form for this program that provides FFF with information about their eligibility and need. This program description and the new grant application form will be available on the FFF website in February. Grant request submissions are to be sent to the FFF Executive Director where they will be forwarded to the FFF Grant Committee for review.

6. Decisions to award or not to award will be at the discretion of FFF Grant Committee, which oversees FFF grant requests and finally voted on by the FFF Board.


Flat $500 Award Model:

A flat $500 award to any qualified instructor or small school that applies. This covers an instructor’s or small school’s $300 PASA application fee plus and additional $200 of additional funding for other various expenses they have.



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